Cloteal Coney

1985 Special Service Award

Cloteal Coney graduated from Northern High School in 1938 and since that time she has been active in assisting young people. Not only has she furnished some of the Johnson Wildcats Baseball Team with extra equipment, she has also washed uniforms (to make certain they were ready for the next game), transported youth and parents, and attended their games.

From the time her son Craig and daughter Renita attended elementary school she had attended every game, every cheerleading session, and made sure other young people had transportation. On many, many occasions Mrs. Coney has invited young people to her home to eat. She has lost count as to the number of times she has prepared lunch, dinner or an after game supper for an entire team.

Even after her children graduated from school, Mrs. Coney continued to attend high school and college games. She always encourages parents of the children to attend. If transportation is a problem, she takes them. In fact, until the recent illness of her husband, Cloteal attended games four times a week, college and high school. On any given day, look up in the stands and you will find Mrs. Cloteal Coney rooting her young people on or you may find her on the expressway taking someone’s mother, grandmother and others to see their sons and/or daughters, or a favorite youngster, participate in SPORTS.