Dianne McGee

Dianne was born in Flint, Michigan, and attended the Flint Community Schools. She spent her school years at Fairview and Dewey Elementary, Emerson Junior High, and graduated from Northern High School. She later married Jimmie McGee, Jr., and they had four children, Pamela and Paula (23 years old), Alayna (19 years old), Jimmie, III (10 years old).

Dianne has been employed by General Motors Warehouse and Distribution Division for 21 years. She is a member of Local 659 and is active on the Women’s Committee as well as the United Way committee at GM.

Mrs. McGee has also been foster mother to three children, each of whom she cared for for two years. Marcia Starr is currently a part of the McGee family.

Dianne believes that it takes a lot of love and sacrifice to be a good parent. Nothing comes before her children. In order to invest in her children’s future, Dianne had to make a conscious choice to forego material things. Today she finds the expressions of appreciation from her children to be very gratifying and the responses from people all over the world who have met her oldest children are especially rewarding to her. She says “Nobody can do it by themselves. It takes the love, prayers and support from a caring extended family.”