Deyamporte (Dee) Cavette

1987 Greater Flint Afro-American Hall of Fame Inductee

Category: BOXING

They called him Mr. Golden Gloves, one of the most promising fighters in the history of Flint’s amateur boxing. Back when boxing was a vehicle for many young Black’s to gain employment in General Motors, a well built youngster by the name of Dee Cavette emerged. He soon became well known in the gym’s around Flint. One of the first Blacks to win a championship, the 1933 golden gloves welterweight title. It was three years before he lost a fight. He went on to win 13 boxing championships. One of the greatest thrills was the 1936 General Motors National Tournament in which he won the middleweight title. He was the only fighter to register two knockouts in the tournament. Jack Dempsey called Cavette the most terrific puncher in the tournament. His boxing championships included the Detroit Diamond Belt, Detroit Free Press, Tri-State and Michigan State Golden Gloves tournaments. He also was picked for the All-American Boxing Team of 1937.

After failing vision forced him to give up a dream of becoming a professional champion, Cavette became a trainer for young Flint fighters. He was one of the most consistent and productive trainers in the State of Michigan. His fighters from the old FICC and Berston won more championships than any other boxing teams around, winning 16 titles out of a possible 22.

Among his achievements he received a plaque for his contribution to boxing in 1983, the Judge Freeman Award in 1958 and inducted into the Michigan Amateur Sports Hall of Fame in 1983.

Cavette was a Golden Gloves trainer for 37 years. He passed away May 18, 1978.