Reverend A.W. Davis

1990 Community Service Award

This year our Community Service Award will be given posthumously to Rev. A.W. Davis. His wife Mrs. Mamie B. Davis will accept on his behalf. We honor him this evening for his service to Flint youth during the years 1939-1952.

During the years of 1939-1952, Rev. Davis was pastor of Bethel Church, Flint, Michigan. While serving the Bethel Church family, he became a very prominent figure among Flint’s youth.

Any youngster with a problem knew right away how fortunate he was to have Rev. Davis speak on his behalf. He made sure any troubled youngster that came to him was treated as fairly as possible. At times, however, it was impossible to keep a youngster from serving time but Rev. Davis was always there for moral support. On occasion he was able to help a youngster leave confinement with a clean record.

Rev. Davis was instrumental in getting many youth to attend Camp Copeneconic, sponsored by the Y.M.C.A. He also supervised the HiY and Jr. HiY at Northern and Central High Schools, Emerson and Whittier Jr. High Schools.

In 1952, Rev. Davis made it possible for Flint students to participate in a weekend Lansing, Michigan field trip to be a part of taking charge of the House and Senate. During that weekend, students elected their own governor for 1952.

Considering the time period, Rev. Davis was a moving force and role model to many Flint youngsters and we are sure he has been remembered with fond memories by the many lives he touched during those years in the Flint community.

Rev. Davis passed away April 17, 1981 after an extended illness. Besides his wife, he also left behind, two sons, Arthur W. Jr., and Anthony W.