Charles McNeely

1991 Greater Flint Afro-American Hall of Fame Special Service Award

This year our Community Service Award will be given to Charles McNeely, one of Flint’s oldest black entrepreneurs. If you are a longtime resident of Flint you more than likely have either met or heard of “Mack the Barber.”

Mack has sponsored many Little League Baseball Teams and Basketball Teams in the City Leagues. He took a genuine interest in youngsters. On many occasions Mack has helped young men by hiring them to do odd jobs in his barber shop. A few of the young men he hired have gone on to greater heights in the sports world. One young man went on to lead the nation in rushing in 1957 and is now a member of three Hall of Fames.

In Mack’s barber shop there are photographs of some of Flint’s greatest athletes and teams from as far back as the 1930’s. Mack’s knowledge of Flint sports is expansive. He can still tell you names, dates, and plays. Mack has been a positive force in many young,lives for over 40 years. Keep up the good work “Mack.”