Jefferson Rumph

1993 Community Service Award

Jefferson Rumph and his family moved to Flint, Michigan in 1964. He was employed by the Genesee Intermediate School District. While at GISD he had the opportunity to work with disabled youngsters, and spent most of his spare time preparing these youngsters for the Flint Special Olympics.

While Mr. Rumph’s oldest daughter attended Northwestern, he noticed the need for a booster club. He immediately got busy, and organized the Northwestern Booster Club, along with other parents and school staff. During his term as the Booster Club president, the club raised funds for Northwestern sports teams, for travel expenses and food for the participants.

In the early 1970’s, the Southside Ministers organized a basketball league where he served as Commissioner and official. By being a member of the Genesee County Official Associate, he was able to officiate some of those games.

For three years Mr.Rumph worked as coach of the Hamady Jr. High football team and baseball team and he has also served as Scout Master at Atherton East.

His interest in young people goes much further than high school sports. For many years Mr. Rumph has helped many students make up their mind to go to various colleges .He has taken many of those students to college campuses. Mr. Rumph is very proud that he has steered more students to Wiley College (a black college) than any other.

Due to failing health, Mr. Rumph is not as active as he once was, however, he said “My life has been filled with church committees and family oriented activities. Many facets of my involvement have surrounded my family and are in direct relationship with my faith and mission in life.”