St. Johns Women’s Softball Team 1940

1994 Inductee — Category: Softball

In the early years of Flint sports, there were black individuals and teams worthy of a history. Not many documented statistics were made public. The joy and excitement they brought to the community was and is worthy of honoring and preserving for all to see. The prejudice of sports in the first half of this century is demonstrated by this Flint Journal Article. “Colored Girls clash in Softball Title game.” ” Not a name was published, who did what or the managers name, which makes the need for such history so much more necessary. There have been many other black women sports teams, such as Fairview, Kentucky Bar-BQ and others.

Tonight we are preserving and honoring those deserving such recognition. The St. John Women’s Softball Team of 1940. One of the best women’s teams in the area. With two of the Flint areas best pitchers, Stella Williams and Eva Bickley and some heavy hitters led by Rachel Carpenter and the stellar infield play of Agnes Mills, and Irene Pea with the late Delores McGruder catching. Managed by Mr. Luther Martin. St. John won the Regional Championship and beat Beecher in a three game series play-off to represent Flint in the State tournament. St. John was beaten in the semi-finals by the Battle Creek Vans. But not before St John had made their presence known by winning three games. Stella Williams play was outstanding.