Floyd Bates, Jr.

1995 Greater Flint Afro-American Hall of Fame Inductee


Parents: Adelaide Bates and Floyd Bates, Sr.

Floyd Bates, Jr., a native of Flint, Michigan and the son of two athletically gifted parents, Adelaide and Floyd Bates,Sr. was a product of the Flint School system. Floyd was a high jumper and hurdler on the Southwestern High School track team from 1959-1961. He was a fine rebounder and shooter in basketball.

Some of his outstanding achievements in track included:
1960-120 high hurdles-15.6 seconds; 180 low hurdles 21 seconds flat;
1961 won 12 straight hurdle events. Regional 180 low hurdles record, 19.5; City meet-120 high hurdles record, 14.9 seconds, breaking his father’s record set in 1938. The city meet-180 low hurdles record-20 seconds flat and Southwestern-180 low hurdles record 19.5. The city meet most outstanding performer. Best Southwestern individual single meet performance 16 1/4 points, against Central and Midland. Tied Regional 120 high hurdles record, 15 seconds flat. Southwestern’s most prolific scorer in track history, 154 3 / 4 points in one season.

In basketball, Southwestern’s first black captain, 1961. The team’s leading scorer 222 points. The team’s leading rebounder and most valuable player. Floyd was a great, great talent.