Amos Buford

1998 Greater Flint Afro-American Hall of Fame Inductee

Category: BOWLING

Parents: Richard and Abbie Buford
Wife: Kay
Daughter: Nora
Sons: Terrance and Anthony

Amos Buford grew up in Flint, Michigan, and attended Parkland Elementary, Emerson Junior High, and graduated from Northern High School. He also attended Mott Community College in later years.

Amos, had an identical twin, Andy, and as most twins, they were inseparable.

In the early 50’s African Americans could not bowl in the bowling alleys. Working as pin setters was accepted, however . Amos and his brother worked in several Flint area bowling alleys, including 20th Century Bowling, Down Town Recreation, Dort Bowl, Night and Gale Lanes and Flushing Recreation. At that time pins were racked manually and the brothers earned nine cents per line.

Amos and his brother enjoyed bowling against each other after the lanes were closed. As the bowling alleys began to open up to African American bowlers, the brothers entered the Moonlight Doubles at Town & Country Lanes. In one of those tournaments Amos and his brother bowled a 1453 actual. They lost by two pins because of the handicap the other team carried. The tournament, however, was protested and a month later the twins returned to win the tournament.

For two consecutive years Amos and his brother won the Moonlight Doubles at Panorama Lanes. They again teamed up to win first place of $800 at Town & Country Lanes, and as a result of that win, were told they could not bowl at Town & Country as a team anymore because they bowled like professionals.

In Dearborn, Michigan, the team of Amos Buford, Andy Buford, Bill Crawford, Walt Franklin and Ernest Nealey, won first place of $5,000. From there they went to Troy, Michigan to the Detroit Free Press Tournament. They were so good at that tournament that they were not allowed to bowl unless they split up the team. The team was sponsored by The House of Spencer.

Amos is a member of the Senior Professional Bowling Association. His highest series is 846 and he has bowled a perfect score of 300 seven times.

Amos is a pioneer in bowling for African Americans. Congratulations Amos Buford, you have made your mark in Flint history.