Lamar Gant

1999 Greater Flint Afro-American Hall of Fame Inductee


Parents: Doris and Herbert Gant

Lamar grew up on the north side of Flint and attended Jefferson Elementary School, Bryant Junior High and graduated from Flint Northwestern High School.

While at Bryant Junior High, a student teacher noticed the eighth grader’s muscular frame and urged him to take up powerlifting.

Since that time, Lamar has established himself as one of the greatest powerlifters in the world.

In high school, he established a record with 1,013 points and emerged as the best lifter in the annual city powerlift meet. At 123 pounds he lifted 510 pounds in a dead lift to tie a listed world record. In 1973, at the age of 16, the youngest ever to compete in a world meet, Lamar placed second in the 123 pound division of the World Powerlifting Championship in Harrisburg, Pa.

In 1974, Lamar set his first world record, a dead lift of 524.5 pounds in the 123 pound class at the Flint Olympian Games.

Sports Illustrated wrote an article on Lamar and it read “He bends, but he doesn’t break.” Over a nine year period he has won nine world championships in the 123 and 132 pound classes. He is one of only three powerlifters who has nine or more world titles.

At a body weight of 121 pounds, Lamar hoisted 500 pounds. He has traveled to dozens of countries, and has broken 26 world records.

Lamar has been world champion 15 times from 1975-1990, and is considered America’s most successful powerlifter of all time. Lamar resides in Denver, Colorado.


Year Wt. Location
1975 123 Birmingham, England
1976 123 New York
1977 123 Pert, Australia
1978 132 Turku, Finland
1979 123 Dayton, Ohio
1980 132 Arlington, Texas
1981 132 Calcutta, India
1982 123 Munich, Germany
1983 123 Gothenburg, Sweden
1984 123 Dallas, Texas
1986 132 Hague, Holland
1987 132 Fredrikstad, Norway
1988 132 Perth, Australia
1989 132 Sydney, Canada
1990 132 Hague, Holland

Lamar, you have made your mark in Flint’s sports history.