John Jenkins

2003 Greater Flint Afro-American Hall of Fame Inductee

Category: BOXING

Parent: Artie Cook (Mother)
Wife: Julia
Sons: Calvin, Anthony, John and Timothy

John came to Flint at the age of 11 and lived in the St. John Street area on Rhode Island St. He attended Lowell Junior High, Flint Northern High, Flint Central High and Beecher High.

After high school John enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1963-1966, and was a member of the 173 Air Borne. Because of his boxing skills, John ended up in special services.

John began his boxing career with the Flint Golden Gloves. He was one of the most talented boxers to participate in the Golden Gloves. He won three state championships and was honored as Flint’s outstanding fighter.

In the Army, John was welterweight champion in (Japan) USARYIS and Inter-service champion (Okinawa) runner-up USAR & PAC in (Korea). He fought in the all Army trails in Fort Hood, Texas. John was one of four boxers from Okinawa 173 Air Borne Brigade selected to represent the U.S. Army in the Inter-service boxing championship.
In 1965, he was USAR & PAC Champ (Hawaii) World Wide Inter-service Champion (Hamilton Air Force Base). John was credited with two wins a third round knockout and a decision that was termed the roughest fight of the tournament. In 1966 John was the 82nd Air Borne Champion and the 1966 All Army Trials in Fort Braggs, N.C. He was also World Wide Inter-service Champion in New Port News, Va. John was the 1968 National Golden Gloves semi-finalist in Salt Lake City. The 1969 State AAU Champion in Detroit and a National AAU semi-finalists in San Diego, Ca.

John traded his gloves in for the ministry and lives with his family in the Flint area.