GFAASHOF Scholarship

All applicants applying for the GFAASHOF Scholarship must meet the following guidelines. No consideration will be given to any applicant who fails to meet all of these guidelines. CLICK HERE to print application. CLICK HERE to fill out the online application.

  1. African American student
  2. Must graduate by June 2023
  3. Grade point average of 2.7 or better
  4. Complete application forms
  5. Applicant must be a regular full-time student (minimum 12 credit hours).
  6. Varsity letter in at least one sport
  7. Furnish official copies of high school transcript and ACT or SAT results
  8. Furnish two letters of recommendation (one from a coach and one from a counselor).
  9. Documented community service
  10. Scholarships are available for enrollment in a college, university or vocational school
  11. After a letter of acceptance from intended college, university or vocational school
  12. Deadline Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Must be postmark no later than Tuesday, February 21, 2023 at 5 pm. No exceptions will be accepted. 

The application should be completed and returned to the GFAASHOF Scholarship committee at the address listed below. CLICK HERE to print application.

P.O Box 310502
Flint, Michigan 48504