Criteria For Nominations

Nominees for induction into the Greater Flint African American Sports Hall of Fame will have excelled in Flint area athletics based on the following criteria:


  1. All-City, All-League, All-State
  2. All-American
  3. State Champion
  4. Pro Champion
  5. World Champion


  1. Records
  2. Championships


  1. Exemplary Service
  2. Coach of the Year Recipients
  3. Championships


Our goal is to preserve the history of African American athletes, coaches and teams in the Flint area.

We are dedicated to the research and the preservation of the role that African American athletes have played in the Flint area.

If your potential nominee fits the criteria, please feel free to fill out a nomination form and submit it to us.  Good luck and thank you for your contributions to the Greater Flint African American Sports Hall of Fame!


DEADLINE FOR NOMINATIONS: August 31st of each year.