Criteria For Nominations

The Greater African American Hall of Fame Selection Committee is responsible for obtaining a documented background on each candidate being considered for the Hall of Fame. Gathered information is based on individual records of performance, such as, school year books, newspaper articles, magazines, books, media tapes, films, etc. An individual’s performance is not based on team records. Team performances are attributed to managers and coaches.

All nominees must have outstanding achievements and contributions in the field of athletics in and or from the Flint area.


  1. All-State
  2. All-American
  3. State Champions
  4. USA Champions
  5. World Champions


  1. Exemplary Service
  2. Coach-of-the-Recipients


Our goal is to preserve and exhibit the history of former African American Professional, Semi-Professional, College, City, High School, Sandlot Players and Teams from as early as possible to an undetermined date.

We are dedicated to the research and preservation of the role that African American athletes have played in the sports pictures of this nation, of Michigan, and Flint, in particular.

Outstanding Service

An individual who has made outstanding contributions. Longevity alone is not a reason for ranking. Excellence for above the ordinary in field of endeavor is required. Should also have a minimum of five years involvement with the sport or sports.

DEADLINE FOR NOMINATIONS: August 1st of each year.