Norm Bryant

1995 Greater Flint Afro-American Hall of Fame Inductee

norm_bryantParent: Christalee Bryant
Wife: Kay Bryant
Daughters: Susan, Sherri, Stephanie and Simone

The Bryant family moved from Little Rock Arkansas to Flint in 1943. Norman attended the Flint Schools and matriculated at Arizona State College. He married Kay Owens in 1957, and from this union four daughters were born. Susan Bryant Gaither
(James) Sherri, Stephanie  and Simone Bryant Gaines (Daryl) Norman and Kay have five grandchildren, Anika Gaither, James Bryant Gaither, Chelsea Gaither, Makayla Gaines and Marisa Gaines.

As Founder, Norman was the first president of the Greater Flint African American Sports Hall of Fame serving a 10 year term from 1983-1993. He was a two sport star at Northern in football and track. In 1953 Norman ran on the record State medley relay team. also in 1953 Norman played on the City and Valley Football Championship Team. He was captain of the 1954 track team.

Norman had a vision as he saw our youth in the community not taking advantage of the opportunities that sports had to offer. He knew that sports could lead to a better way of life, both academically and economically for our youth. A role model to inspire them was needed. Flint’s history in sports has provided unity in the community. Norman envisioned the Greater Flint African American Sports Hall of Fame (with the help of the community volunteers) as being that vehicle to honor Black pioneers in sports.

The Greater Flint African American Sports Hall of Fame’s purpose is to preserve and exhibit the history of former Flint (sandlot, high school, city, college or professional) African American Athletes

Motto: To Preserve, Not Compete